YESTERDAY, Indiana House Rep. Eric Turner delayed the vote on the discriminatory Indiana Marriage Amendment (HJR 6) so that he could ensure adequate support at a vote rescheduled for today, Tuesday, February 15th.

Perhaps he recognized  the irony of choosing Valentines Day to try to amend our constitution to indicate that same-sex couples should feel inferior in the eyes of the law.  Perhaps he saw our emails or listened to our telephone calls and realized supporters of this bill would be on the wrong side of history.

TODAY we need your help once again to prove to Indiana Leadership that we do not support bigotry.  Please call your House Representatives and show them that we do not support hatred and bigotry in Indiana.

Here’s how you can help make a difference TODAY:

1) Call Rep. Eric Turner at 800-382-9841 and let him know that HJR 6 IS BAD FOR HOOSIERS, BAD FOR FAMILIES, BAD FOR BUSINESSES and BAD FOR THE INDIANA ECONOMY

2) Email Eric Turner at and let him know that HJR 6 IS CONSTITUTIONALLY SANCTIONED BIGOTRY

3) Call and Email Other House Representatives by looking up in a list or looking up by your address and let them know that HJR 6 MAKES SAME-SEX COUPLES INFERIOR IN INDIANA

Finally – please spread the word by forwarding this information to your loved ones, adding this to your Facebook, and texting your friends to get the word out.

You can view a sample letter and talking points here.

Please reach out and help stay on the right side of history!


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